How to get started?

You are convinced and would like to have a go at implementing biological methods on your farm, but are not sure how to begin

It’s simple!
Farmer's hand with protective gesture in the form of heart to protect the seedlings. Earth day, love nature concept


Ask yourself why improve the quality and productivity of your soil through biological farming.


Choose the fields where you would like to start implementing biological methods.


Choose the fields where you would like to start implementing biological methods.


Together with the Foundation, carry out an opening audit and agree scope and action plan depending on audit findings and adopted objectives.


You’re ready to embark on your adventure with biological farming, to enjoy more fertile soil, richer harvest and better financial performance.

If you want to start by seeing the differences between conventionally managed fields and those applying the principles of biological farming, contact the Terra Nostra Foundation or a Biological Farming Ambassador of your choice.

See how other farmers got started with biological farming.

Positive changes after 3 years of biological farming on a commercial farm:

0 %

Unit cost reduction

0 %

Improved fertiliser efficiency

0 %

Increase in yields

0 %

Increased use of natural fertiliser

0 %

Increased use of cover crops


Biological farming, rooted in regenerative farming, has an increasing number of supporters and advocates in Poland and worldwide.

Want to learn more about biological soil management? Have any questions or concerns?

If you want, you can see for yourself how biological farming works in practice and see its benefits on the farm of a Biological Farming Ambassador of your choice.

Perhaps many of the principles of biological farming are already in place on your farm and you can see the benefits?

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE with other farmers, consult the experts and long-term practitioners of biological farming.

The Biological Farming Ambassador Programme brings together those who have decided to “bring their soil to life” and who want to share their experiences of the benefits of biological farming with other agricultural producers, processors and consumers.
Your opinion matters to us!

If you want to take a structured approach to the implementation and monitoring of your biological farming practices and certify your products, contact the Terra Nostra Foundation.

Terra Nostra Foundation for Agricultural Development promotes action for biodiversity, improvement of soil fertility and water quality, enhancement of nutritional value in produce and reduction of its carbon footprint, as well as being the first organisation in the country to offer biological farming certification.