Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about regenerative agriculture, biological agriculture, reducing the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment and achieving climate neutrality, mainly through reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting those emissions which cannot be eliminated.

At Top Farms holdings, nearly ten years ago we began our adventure with biological farming, a system of agricultural practices rooted in regenerative farming.
Our experience to date has enabled our specialists to develop a catalogue of biological farming practices, the so-called 5C Code, fashioned after the Japanese 5S system, aimed at creating and maintaining a well-organised and safe workplace.

Regenerative strategy

A UK-based company Greens of Soham, which along with Top Farms belongs to the European group Spearhead International Ltd., is a precursor of regenerative farming in the United Kingdom.

Greens of Soham Managing Director William Shakeshaft emphasises that the ultimate goal of the company’s regenerative strategy was to protect soil health, as well as to reduce carbon emissions while at the same time increasing yields.

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